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Dolce born around 2/28/2002 is a  male “Coton de West Philadelphia” (aka “the royal dog of West Philadelphia”) rescued as a puppy


Zucca female orange tabby that wandered into our lives as a young adult and shared our world from one Spring day in 2000 until Feb 3, 2014, when she peacefully lost her battle with cancer.

Home of Dolce and Zucca

Dolce and Zucca are some of the most talented and fun animals that I have had the privilege to know! They are trained by positive reinforcement (clicker training) and can do most anything!

Their antics are featured in a series of short videos which also often include tips for staying healthy and out of trouble—the most recent video can be found below, others are available on the links to your left







Dolce and Zucca had a competition on who could learn to tightrope walk first . . .

First step fitness prep

Second step proprioception prep

Third step the tightrope

Zucca won!




Dolce is also a fan of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center—since he can do anything a working dog can do . . .  Watch him work

He has helped teach working dogs fitness exercises!

         Back feet awareness

         Backing up

Zucca too has helped!

         Roll over

Latest Trick Links:

Generalized Learning

Tricks are for Kids?!

Learning to Read

Movie Night

Fitness Focus!

Picking up the Trash



The Difference between Dogs and Cats












Behind the Scenes with Dolce and Zucca

After getting a few new trick props I thought it would be fun to film Dolce and Zucca learning brand new tricks! You can see how they both think through the tricks and offer behaviors based on shaping, capturing and luring. They learn really fast! Try it with your pets but be patient, for their first 100 tricks they might be a little slower! Have fun with your pets!












Learn CPR—Save a Friend!

CPR can save lives - Dolce and Zucca learned the key points: is the victim responsive? are they breathing? if not call 911 immediately then start chest compressions - FAST and HARD! Dolce learned that an AED can save lives, but don't delay compressions. For pets, CPR is a little different since heart attacks are uncommon - make sure they can breathe - then start chest compression FAST and HARD. The tune "Stayin' Alive" is a great rhythm to follow!












February—”Winter Blues”

This has been a long and hard winter! Cabin fever is setting in! Dolce and Zucca recommend getting enough physical and mental exercise to stay out of trouble!















Dolce has finally gotten around to making his New Year's Resolutions!












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